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Meetings held on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

Fenley Office Park
Suite 1000
4965 U.S. Highway 42
Louisville, KY 40222
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Jan 2020
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Welcome Home!

Location, location, location.

The old adage is indeed reflective of The City of Northfield in Louisville, Kentucky. Located in the far eastern end of Jefferson County and only a few miles from the Ohio River, close enough to often hear the riverboats at night as they traverse this very beautiful section of the river.

Founded in 1965, this small suburban community offers up-scale homes that are conveniently located close to downtown and suburban office, shopping, and entertainment areas.

With more banks, restaurants and shops than most can name, Northfield may be the ultimate in residential accommodation because practically anything you want can be found within walking distance. Northfield truly provides an unequaled living environment for its residents.

The city was built on the historic grounds of Glenview Farms, one of Kentucky’s great horse breeding farms where early annual horse sales were held in conjunction with the fledgling Kentucky horse breeding industry.

Spread your roots here!

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